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The aspiring speakers is a small, free to join, community of people in the tech industry on a similar path to improving their public speaking skills. We have a Slack group (including experienced mentors) and a mailing list.

Our members are typically developers, tech leads, engineering managers and CTOs who would like to build their presentation skills with a view to doing more internal or conference talks.

Why should you join?

What do our members say?

How to join?

Inspiring interviews and resources

Who is behind the group?


Why should you join?

Learn how to master nerves and imposter syndrome

You will learn about the techniques experts use to deal with nerves. Understand how to tackle imposter syndrome and become confident in yourself as a subject matter expert.

Learn how to create engaging presentations

Develop skills to create engaging presentations from scratch including how to decide what to talk about, how to structure your presentation and keep your audience engaged.

Practice speaking with expert feedback